we also provide a range of adhesives and sealants which can be used for various applications in construction and automotive industry.


General Purpose Silicone Sealant

We offers high quality Silicone Glass Sealants (general purpose ), which are well known for their quality and availability. These silicone glass sealant (general purpose -) are find applications in number of industries. Low modulus silicone sealant with excellent tensile adhesion for sealing and bonding. It offers good weather ability unaffected by sunlight, rain, snow and UV lighting.


  • One part; ready to use
  • Acetoxy Cure
  • Multipurpose
  • Available Packing: 280ml, 260ml cartridge
  • Available colors: Transparent, Black, White etc.

Weatherproof Silicone Sealant

We offers Weatherproof Sealant for a number of industries. these weatherproof sealant are manufactured by our highly qualified and experienced work force. Middle/low modulus and under room temperature silicone sealant, offers outstanding weather ability, excellent tensile strength and good adhesion to most building materials. It is used for weather resistance sealing for various glass curtain walls and seam sealing for aluminum profile etc.


  • Ready to use
  • Neutral Cure / non odor
  • Excellent weatherproof ability
  • Available packing: 300ml cartridge & 600ml sausage
  • Available colors: Black, White, Grey etc.


Windshield PU Sealant

Windshield PU Sealant is single part polyurethane based, high modulus sealant, which cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form elastomeric mastic. Windshield PU Sealant has excellently water-proof, high bonding strength, oil resistant, aging resistant, salt fog resistant, and can bear long time vibration. Windshield PU Sealant offers excellent adhesion on glass and metal, it is most suitable for bonding windshield in the automotive industry.


  • Thixotropic ,no sag.
  • Non-corrosion to substrates
  • High modulus & tensile strength
  • Excellent adhesion on glass and metal surface
  • Outstanding durability
  • Permanently flexible
  • Paint-spray able Surface

Bodywork PU Sealant

Bodywork PU Sealant is an one part moisture curing Direct Glazing Sealant with excellent sag resistance polyurethane based sealant.
Bodywork PU Sealant has high adhesion strength, good elasticity, aging resistant, vibration exhaustion resistant and multi coatings paintable.Bodywork PU Sealant elastic sealing of joints and welds permanently in assembling and repairing the body shells of automobiles and trains.


  • Non-corrosion to substrates; Thixotropic ,no sag.
  • Little Volatile Odor
  • Excellent adhesion on glass and metal surface
  • Good weathering resistance.
  • Can be painted over with many water, solvent and rubber based paints (preliminary tests recommended).
  • Conforms to the most stringent sealant standards